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6 Tips for Summer Grilling

6 Tips for Summer Grilling It's time to GET GRILLING at the South Jersey Shore! In preparation for Colmar's Weber Grill Cooking Demo Event this weekend (May 20, 2017), here aresix grilling tips to start the grilling season off right...[read more]

Seaside & Patio Gardening Tips

Seaside & Patio Gardening Tips The salt air down the shore makes gardening a little more tricky than other regions. Sodium draws moisture from a plant, causing it to die quickly and potentially burn the roots...[read more]

Back to School Is Cool at Colmar Home Center!

Back to School Is Cool at Colmar Home Center Colmar Home Center is your one stop shop for so many necessities in life - home essentials, outdoor living, and even back to school! The kids don’t want to admit it, but it is back to school time and it’s safe to say that summer flew by way too fast for all of us this year...[read more]