Seaside & Patio Gardening Tips

The salt air down the shore makes gardening a little more tricky than other regions. Sodium draws moisture from a plant, causing it to die quickly and potentially burn the roots. Not only can it be difficult because of the soil, but many shore homes have small yards which limits the space available to grow a prosperous garden. We have solutions for both of these problems that will allow you to utilize your green thumb all year round.

If planting in existing soil, dig a hole at least 9 inches deep and add compost. Before planting anything, heavily water the hole for at least a week. This gives the water a chance to push salt deeper in the soil, out of reach from the new plant. Then, be sure to choose plants that will grow best in your area, those are usually plants with a higher-tolerance. Also, keep in mind that if you have sandy soil, that may dry out even more quickly, so water accordingly.

Plants with high-tolerance: kale, asparagus, spinach, and beets.

Plants with moderate-tolerance: potatoes, tomatoes, peas, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage.

Creating a raised bed filled with purchased soil and compost is sometimes an even better way to ensure your plants grow and stay healthy. Thissoil warms up faster than ground level soil and can easily be saturated with a salt spray. Make sure that a raised bed of fruits or vegetables is in full sun and that you provide the plants with enough water.

Like a raised bed, vertical gardens are a great solution when looking to fulfill your dream of a having a garden at the shore, while working with limited yard space. Vertical gardens are great for porches or patios. They can be used for climbing plants, or for plants that will stay contained in a pot, but placed on a vertical shelf or structure. There are various ways to achieve this, whether it be with planters and a ladder, building a structure out of plywood to hold the plants, buying a pre-made structure, or something completely different. DIY versions of vertical gardens are simple to create! We have all the supplies you need.

Check out this link for step-by-step projects for vertical gardens:

If you have a home at the shore and are looking for a way to start a garden, or enhance your current garden, we hope these tips helped! Visit us on Essex Ave in Margate, NJ for all of your home needs or online at: We've got you covered!

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