5 Home Improvement Projects to Tackle this Winter

The holidays have come and gone, and the winter blues are setting in. Sure, you could while away the next few months under piles of blankets, binging on Netflix. Or, you could use the time to knock out some home improvement projects that keep you indoors and out of the cold.

Get Organized
Do dozens of plastic containers rain down on you when you open the kitchen cabinet? Do you spend far too much time each morning searching a mountain of shoes for a matching pair? Has your dining room table become the family dumping ground for school supplies, work stuff, assorted mail, sports equipment, coats and things you’ve been planning to put away "later" for weeks? The time is now! Nothing delivers an immediate sense of accomplishment like putting things in their proper place. From shelving units and storage cabinets to hooks and hangers Colmar Home Center True Value in Margate has everything you need to master the mess, simplify your life, and get organized this winter.

Color Your World
Day after day of gloomy gray skies can make anyone feel a bit blue. If your home’s walls are as sad as the winter landscape, consider injecting some color with an interior paint project. Freshly-painted walls can make a huge impact in your home and your mood. When you're ready for a change, the painting experts at Colmar Home Center can help with advice, supplies and everything you need to get professional results. You'll even find products for faux finishing and countertop resurfacing.

Don't Get Left in the Dark
One simple way to update a space and add style and interest is by switching out dated light fixtures. More than any other update, your lighting choices determine the type of mood a room has and how objects appear within it. Overhead lighting is often the go-to option, but it doesn’t always add warmth or character to a room. By layering a combination of ambient, accent and task lighting, you create an inviting space devoid of shadows and filled with flexibility and function. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for installation and safety.

Insulate Insulate Insulate
If your home isn’t well insulated, you're probably feeling it this winter. Adding new insulation can transform the comfort of your home and your energy bill. Find your insulation weak spots and plan a few hours of DIY insulation projects to shore them up. Draft stoppers and foam weather stripping are easy, inexpensive ways to seal air leaks under doors and around windows. You will also want to check your home's pipes, outlets, switches and light fixtures for cold air leaks and insulate properly. Have questions? The experts at Colmar Home Center are always here to help.

DIY Affordable Upgrades
You don't need a big budget to give your home a noticeable boost. Even small investments in time and money can improve the way your home looks and feels. This winter, consider recaulking the tub, putting up crown molding, regrouting the bathroom floor, freshening up your window treatments, wallpapering a decorative nook or installing new toe kicks in your kitchen. Bundle up and come browse the aisles at Colmar Home Center True Value in Margate for endless project ideas to add value to your home, and beautify your living space.

Get going on your home improvement projects this winter, and you'll have more free time for warmer days and sunshine ahead. Stop in to Colmar to help you with your projects!

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