6 Tips for Summer Grilling

It's time to GET GRILLING at the South Jersey Shore! In preparation for Colmar's Weber Grill Cooking Demo Event this weekend (May 20, 2017), here aresix grilling tips to start the grilling season off right.

Keep it clean – It is important to clean your grill after every use. Even if you do this, use a grill brush to scrap off charred food from previous meals while pre-heating for the next meal. Also, if you live near the ocean like we do, there is more salt in the air which increases rust in many grills. Using a grill cover can help maintain the aging process.

Brush grate with oil – While grill marks are highly desired, no one wants their food stuck to the grates. Use paper towels clasped in tongs to brush oil on the grill grates before placing food on the grill to avoid it sticking. Also, aluminum foil is another way to not only keep your grill clean, but to avoid sticking. It is also important to pre-heat the grill before use for at least 10-15 minutes.

Know your meats – A rack of ribs may require a longer time on the grill at a lower temperature, while marinated chicken can cook much faster using direct heat. Based on the type of meat you’re cooking and how “done” you desire it are factors to consider when choosing how much heat to use. Also, grill pans and other add-on features of your grill may allow for additional grilling options for more delicate foods like fish or vegetables.

Avoid burning the sauce – If you are adding a sweet sauce, such a barbeque to something you are cooking on the grill, make sure to time it correctly. These types of sauces burn easily, so depending on the meat and temperature you’re cooking at, add the sauce towards the end.

Extinguish flare-ups the right way – While cooking on your grill, if you experience a flare-up that is more than a quick flame, be sure to extinguish by simply putting down the lid. This can occur from fat or debris dripping down towards the flames beneath the grate. Using water can cause spatter, burns and more from the water hitting the hot surface and flames.

Give it a rest – When it comes to most grill food, after coming off the grill, it needs some time to cool down. When it comes to meat in particular, let it rest on a plate away from the grill for about 10 minutes so that juices redistribute evenly, adding to the flavor.

So, if you’re in the market for a new grill, or you are in need of supplies to keep your grill in tip top shape this summer, stop by the home center on Essex Ave in Margate, NJ. We sell a variety of grill brands including Weber, Char-Broil, Grill Zone and more!We hope these tips helped. Now…GET GRILLING!!

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